The expert Reno attorney C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd is dedicated to resolving your legal issues with speed, skill, and professionalism. He specializes in the following areas of practice:

Why Choose C. Nicholas Pereos?

C. Nicholas Pereos has several decades of experience as a Reno attorney in all aspects of business, construction, and real estate law. Additionally, Pereos has practical, hands-on experience as a business owner in many of the fields in which he practices. He understands your needs as a client and a businessman, and knows how to defend your interests without getting in the way.

Business Law Lawyer in Reno

The Reno lawyer C. Nicholas Pereos provides legal services to both small and large businesses, and the people who work for them. His business law areas of practice include forming businesses, negotiating business transactions, reviewing and drafting contracts, business agreements, and business sales and acquisitions.

The heart of business law revolves around contracts and agreements. When two or more people enter into a business relationship or commence a business transaction, they need a written understanding that sets forth the terms of the relationship or the deal. Often, a properly drafted and negotiated contract may make the difference between business success — and failure.

Commercial Litigation in Reno

As one of the leading Reno law firms specializing in commercial litigation, C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd. frequently handles cases on behalf of business people who either want to sue someone or who are being sued.

The first steps he takes in a litigation case involve reviewing all facts and circumstances around the lawsuit. He will not just analyze the applicable laws around the case, but also determine the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and craft an effective litigation strategy.

If the client is Plaintiff, it will be important not just to have a good case and legal strategy, but also to ensure that the person being sued has sufficient assets to collect on the judgment. For clients who are Defendant, it will be necessary to identify both possible defenses and “legal counter punches” he or she can through — and when it will be most effective to deploy them.

Contract Law Lawyer in Reno, NV

C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd. is a Reno city attorney firm with a great deal of experience handling contract negotiation and disputes. As well as drafting and negotiating contracts, C. Nicholas Pereos can help you resolve the situation if a contract has been reneged upon or breached.

C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd. is a leading law firm in all areas of:

  • Business fraud
  • Breach of contract
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Breach of guarantee
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Collections
  • Construction and real estate contracts
  • Partnership disputes
  • Employment contracts
  • Insurance policy

If he is able to settle your dispute without a lengthy and often very expensive trial, he will attempt to do so. In the event out-of-court discussions aren’t productive, he won’t hesitate to protect your rights aggressively in court.

Construction Law Reno Attorney

As with any other area of business, disputes can arise at any phase of construction. C. Nicholas Pereos, as a Reno lawyer, has experience with all aspects of the complex world of construction law. Whether you’re negotiating terms for a new construction contract or facing the prospect of litigation in a construction contract dispute, he runs an experienced law firm who can help you through these complex issues.

Real Estate Law Lawyer in Reno, NV

At some point almost everyone will be affected by real estate law, whether as a seller, owner, lender, broker, borrower, or contractor. C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd will help you negotiate the complex and often misinterpreted body of law that affects your rights and interests when it comes to real estate.

As a real estate lawyer he represents buyers, brokers, sellers, and financing companies. He is a specialist in protecting your interests in a real estate deal, regardless of which side of the table you may be on.

C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd has the experience and resources you need to successfully resolve — and avoid — otherwise troublesome business and real estate disputes. Click Here to find out more, or call today so he can start defending your rights.