C. Nicholas Pereos has extensive experience in dispute resolution in the commercial law arena to include Construction Law, Real Estate Law, Contracts Law, and Business Law. His experience has been so extensive that he has been qualified as an expert witness in the States of California and Nevada. His resume is reflective of the wealth of experience that he holds in his fields of practice.

C. Nicholas Pereos was born and raised in New York City. He attended High School in New York City. He graduated Queen’s College City University of New York in 1967 at a young age. He immediately attended University of Colorado Boulder Law School and graduated in 1970 and admitted to the Colorado Bar. During his second year of law school, he received a research assistantship at the Desert Research Institute at the University of Nevada Reno resulting in the publication of articles and exposed him to Reno, Nevada.

After graduating law school in 1970, he came to Reno, Nevada where he clerked for several local judges and fulfilled his military obligation. After being admitted to the Nevada Bar, he commenced practicing with an insurance defense firm where he undertook insurance defense work for two years.

Not being satisfied with the quantity of trial experience, he affiliated himself with the Washoe County District Attorney’s office where he undertook criminal prosecution for two years. Thereinafter, he became affiliated with a senior member of the Washoe County Bar who was a transactional attorney and very knowledgeable in Real Estate Law. During this time, he learned title searching as there were no title plants via computers. With the litigation background from the District Attorney’s office, he immersed himself in title litigation disputes. It was a short time thereinafter that he was invited to sit on the Board of Directors of a title company.

As time progressed, his clientele grew expanding his field of practice beyond real estate law and construction. After handling so many construction disputes, he became licensed as a general contractor after being a successful candidate on the exams. His practice progressed to litigating disputes involving highrise casinos in the Las Vegas Valley. As a result, he traveled to Las Vegas frequently representing contractors, architects and engineers in connection with construction related disputes.

As the owner of numerous successful businesses, he became involved in business transactions for his business opportunities. With his legal background, he was invited and accepted an appointment to the Board of Directors of a local bank before deregulation. Eventually the local bank was bought by Bank of America. During his tenure with the Bank, he became very involved in secured bank transactions to include litigation.

As time progressed, his litigator experience included intellectual property rights, RICO claims, accounting issues, securities, corporate law and partnerships, acquisition agreements, and mining law litigation.