Construction law can be a complicated and involved matter. Whether you’re negotiating a new construction contract or preparing for litigation as a result of a contractual dispute, it’s vitally important to work with a Reno attorney who has experience with the details of construction law.

C. Nicholas Pereos has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of construction law. As a lawyer in Reno, he has handled hundreds of construction issues on behalf of clients. At C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd., we can handle all construction law issues, including:

  • Payment disputes
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Contract negotiation and review
  • Bond claims
  • Contractor state licensing board hearings
  • Mechanics’ Liens
  • Construction defects defense

If you need counsel regarding collections representation, construction contracts, or construction litigations, C. Nicholas Pereos has the resources and experiences to bring you the best possible outcome.

Payment Dispute City Attorney in Reno, NV

Construction law payment disputes can be complex and difficult to resolve. The various laws governing construction contracts and the numerous clauses involved often require a Reno lawyer with a great deal of experience and knowledge to litigate, negotiate, or collect on a payment dispute.

At C. Nicholas Pereos Ltd., we are a Reno law firm with a wealth of experience reaching satisfactory resolution of our clients’ payment disputes. We know what techniques are available to resolve these questions and what alternative options are available. As technical as these issues can be, we have the experience to handle even the most protracted and complex dispute litigation.

Construction Contract Lawyer in Reno, NV

Contractual disputes may happen at any phase of a project and in any aspect of operations. Complicating matters are the often extremely technical aspects of construction contracts, which may be loaded with time limitations, mandatory arbitration, venue restrictions, and many other provisions that require the eye of experienced legal counsel.

C. Nicholas Pereos is a Reno lawyer and was a licensed contractor who has the skill and experience to help with the most complicated contract disputes, including payments, change orders, scope of work, means or method of work, defects, disruption of work, liquidated damages, or requests for information.

Construction Contract Negotiation and Review Lawyer in Reno, NV

While C. Nicholas Pereos handles many disputes for clients after the issues arise, it is our experience that it’s best for clients to avoid these issues entirely. By negotiating and creating construction contracts properly, both parties understand the contractual language and exactly what they are agreeing to. We find this is one of the best ways to prevent expensive and time-consuming conflicts later.

At C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd., we consider it our business to protect your business. This means being the experienced contract negotiation law firm that will produce the binding, enforceable, and effective contracts you need.

In the event you already have a contract, we will review the terms and clauses and discuss your goals for the contract, in order to be sure the contract is both legal and in service to your interests.

C. Nicholas Pereos, Ltd. has the experience and knowledge to effectively handle all your construction law issues. As well as the issues listed above, C. Nicholas Pereos will also give you the best possible result when it comes to bond claims, contractor state licensing board hearings, mechanics’ liens, and construction defects defense.

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