Anyone who owns a business will, at some point, likely be in a situation where they will need some commercial litigation. Whether it has to do with purchasing some new real estate, a legal issue involving another business, or even problems dealing with employees and benefits, a commercial litigation lawyer in Reno NV will be able to help!

Understanding Commercial Litigation in Reno

C. Nicholas Pereos has been practicing the law for many years and thoroughly understands all of the technical jargon that is associated with the business. Unfortunately most people not in a law firm or job that relates to litigation practices may not be as familiar with what exactly commercial litigation is and what Reno city attorneys do.

So what exactly is commercial litigation?

As it pertains to the law, there are three general types of litigation: public, private, and commercial. Public litigation (or public law), is simply the branch that deals with the relationships between the government and individuals. Private law, on the other hand, deals with relationships strictly between two individuals. Lastly, commercial law, is that which deals with businesses.

There are many laws, rights, and regulations pertaining to a business that engages in commerce. Commercial law covers all areas of business practices from dealing with customers, maintaining specific health and safety standards, and even real estate purchasing.

What is the role of a Reno lawyer specializing in Commercial litigation?

In most instances , it is highly unadvisable for an individual in Reno who is not qualified to deal with legal matters, to negate the aid of a Reno attorney. When it comes to commercial litigation, on the other hand, business owners should definitely seek the advice of a qualified attorney like C. Nicholas Pereos.

Commercial litigation lawyers are there to provide assistance and advice to anyone involved in legal matters pertaining to businesses. If the case is serious and has the chance of going to court, a litigation lawyer will do their best to work out a deal and prevent the case from escalating.

In other instances, lawyers specializing in commercial law will provide excellent advice in tax matters, potentially saving a business thousands. Commercial lawyers in Reno know of all the various forms, taxes, grants, and bylaws are which can significantly help any business owner seeking legal advice!

Areas where C. Nicholas Pereos can help:

As a specialist in commercial litigation, C. Nicholas Pereos can aid business owners and individuals in a variety of ways. Since commercial litigation covers almost every facet of the business world, he will be able to offer assistance in:

  • Understanding hiring practices
  • Manufacturing laws
  • Sales
  • Corporate contracts
  • Civil codes
  • Real estate purchasing
  • Tax breaks
  • Employee benefits
  • And more!

Nicholas Pereos in fact has a lot of experience in all of these areas. Backed up with this experience, as well as a lot of practicality and know-how, he will be able to deal with such matters in a professional and efficient way. Part of his success in this field is because of the fact that he has dealt with innumerable business transactions, and so through them, he gained a lot of insight with regards to different types of disputes that will naturally arise in such scenarios. C. Nicholas Pereos knows how to go about documenting a transaction so that, in case a dispute arises later on, there will be solid grounds to litigate and resolve it successfully.


When it comes to finding a commercial litigation lawyer in Reno NV, finding one that has years of experience, is familiar with the local laws and practices, and will personally spend countless hours of time on your case to ensure you win is essential. That’s why so many people choose to go with C. Nicholas Pereos’ commercial litigation services over the other lawyers in Reno NV. To learn more about C. Nicholas Pereos, click here